My dream is now a dram!

The last few months have been some of the most fulfilling of my life. Although I am no longer involved in Kingsbarns Distillery (as I decided to resign a couple of years ago after 6 years creating it and then 2 years working as Visitor Centre Manager & Director there) I guess it will always be my baby and I’ll always be the founder.

So to see the inaugural release named “Founders’ Reserve” arrive in members (& indeed my own) homes just before Christmas and then in the last few weeks to see the flagship malt “Dream to Dram” (a phrase coined in 2014 to describe my journey from golf caddie to distillery creator & manager) being released to the general public has been such thrill. I even got my 1st ever tattoo sculpted by Alan Beveridge at Adept Art Collective to celebrate just after Christmas which Sean Murphy was kind enough to feature in the Scotsman. Thanks to the power of social media I’ve been able to follow Founders’ members and Dream to Dram purchasers photos & reactions from all over the world and I’ve been doing my best to thank every one of them with replies/mentions/RTs from my @fifeambassador Twitter & Instagram pages.

So in my first ever blog post I thought I’d use it to thank all you Kingsbarns dram lovers & retailers who have purchased a bottle or bottles by sharing some of your brilliant photos and reactions.

Above are some Founders’ Club members Founders’ Reserve bottles from all over the globe from New Zealand to USA to Taiwan to Switzerland to London to Scotland. Below are some from Dream to Dram bottle owners and retailers…

And finally here are some reviews from a few bloggers and whisky writers.

Edinburgh Whisky Blog

Whisky Apocolypse Blog

Peak Whisky Blog

Dave Broom in


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